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Welcome to the Tumbleweed Arabian Horse Farm website, dba Terrell Arabians, standing the stallion, Thee Bikr WPA.

Thee Bikr WPA, a.k.a. Bik, is a grey straight Egyptian Arabian stallion, foaled in 2002.  His sire, LS Thee Bahim, is a black straight Egyptian Arabian stallion, a Jr Grand Champion, and the paternal brother of the three time National Grand Champion of Africa that starred in the movie, "The Young Black Stallion". LS Thee Bahim is a producer of show winners.

Thee Bikr's grandsire is the famous Thee Desperado, recognized as the leading living sire of straight Egyptian Arabians in the world. Thee Desperado, the 1994 U.S. Reserve National Champion Sire and the 1994 Scottsdale Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion, has competed in Western Pleasure and Halter events. His progeny have excelled in both Halter and Performance classes.

Thee Bikr's dam, The Kalahari, was sired by The Mohave, a multi-champion stallion and producer of halter and performance class champions with overall correct conformation.

Thee Bikr is a natural herd sire, separating his mares and protecting the younger mares from the "bossiness" of  the older mares, making sure they all get their fair portion of food and attention. He is a proven sire of 7 progeny. While his progeny have not been entered in any shows, they all have his good looks, soundness, sweet disposition and friendly nature. They love people and lots of attention. They have a desire to learn.

Thee Bikr WPA would be a wonderful choice as a sire for your mare. Besides being a stallion of quality, he passes on the beautiful head, sound conformation, and a kind temperament to his progeny. 

To arrange a breeding to your mare, contact us at
tumbleweed_50@yahoo.com , or call 618-931-4183 and leave a message. Please include the best time to receive a callback along with your callback informaiton.

Our Farm

The Tumbleweed is a small Arabian Horse breeding farm, established to promote the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. It is located in Granite City, Illinois, (just across the Mississippi from St.Louis, MO). At the present, we are mainly promoting our stallion, Thee Bikr WPA [LS Thee Bahim (Thee Desperado) X The Kalahari (The Mohave)].

The farm's first breeding stallion, Thee Bikr (Arabic for "firstborn") is passing along the fantastic chiseled head of the Arabian, great conformation and temperament. Thanks to the early handling by his breeders, and to his bloodlines, he is a very calm stallion - another trait he is passing on to his get. He protects his mares and becomes a buffer in the herd environment between older and younger mares, making sure all are safe.
The farm's second stallion is JTG Thee Yatim Emir (Thee Bikr WPA X KRH Mariah Moniet), our orphaned foal. He is available for outside breeding, although we won't promote him until next year.
Most every farm has one or more dogs. Our farm has a Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Sophie. She is a delight and so full of energy. As a birthday present, two puppies (Black Lab and German Shepherd mix) were acquired in June 2007. The male looks like a German Shepherd. His name is Leopold (Leo for short). And the other is a female named Kate that looks like a black Labrador Retriever. 
The Tumbleweed also has a variety of chickens (for egg production) and, of course, numerous barn cats. 

We want people to be able to purchase an affordable horse, with desirable bloodlines, good disposition and athleticism, that will fit into their home life and riding discipline of choice. 
Our own mares will not be bred every year, even if the market demand is there. Our practice is to allow the mare's body time to recuperate, and to also allow a foal to nurse longer than the usual 4-5 months. This gives it time to gain its independence while still being able to run to its mother for comfort and security. The mare will also teach the foal herd manners, which will make it easier for teaching manners with people. Our desire is to be responsible breeders and caretakers of our horses, while making their environment as natural to them as possible.

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Thee Bikr WPA (LSThee Bahim X The Kalahari)
Farm Stallion

Breeding Fee

Stud fee is $1000, or private treaty. LFG. Live cover only, at this time. However, semen collection can be arranged, if necessary.
Contact tumbleweed_50@yahoo.com .

Below is a photo of Thee Yatim Emir (Prince) out of Thee Bikr WPA x KRH Mariah Moniet. He is our bottle fed orphan.




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